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In Victorian-era England, flowers were today's version of "whispering sweet nothings," permitting lovers to tell each other things that were considered risqué in a prim and proper society. These days, they're anything from Valentine's Day gifts, to fragrant "Get Well" behests, vibrant "Thank You's", and somber funeral laments.

So before you present your sweetheart with a rosy arrangement, consider the meaning of the following handful of popular blooms:

Roses -- Wildly popular on February 14, it's no secret that roses are all about love. Just know that the degree of love will be signaled by the color you send.

Deep red roses signal true love, while white roses valiantly proclaim "I am worthy of you." Meanwhile white rosebuds indicate girlhood, while red ones signal purity and loveliness. A blend of red and white rosebuds means unity, while a cabbage rose stands for "ambassador of love." Flirts should consider blush-colored roses -- after all, they say "I'm available."

Daisies -- Perhaps you are trying to send someone the signal that yours is an innocent love when you send them an armful of these, because that's the message the delicate white petals send.

Gladioli -- Considered the flowers of the gladiators of ancient Rome, these flowers convey sincerity and devotion. Gladioli are available in soothing colours like white and light pink, and often sent to convey pleasant wishes.

Carnations -- A increasingly popular variety in India, these flowers mean different things, depending on their color; red carnations symbolize "beauty", while white ones mean "worthiness."

Daffodils -- If a knight in shining armor gets the door for you, picks up the tab or does some other sort of chivalrous deed, it wouldn't hurt to give him a yellow daffodil or two to let him know just how "gallant" you think he is.


  By Occasion
  Love & Romance Birthday
  Get Well Soon Anniversary
  Friendship Sympathy
  Just Like That Congratulations

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  Courage & Hope Friendship
  Love Thank You
  Regret Sympathy

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  Wife & Girlfriend Husband & Boyfriend
  Mom & Grandmother Dad & Grandfather
  Female Friend Male Friend
  Sister & Daugther Brother & Son

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